Plaza Provision Company’s culture is rooted in being responsible stewards of our Island. Our pledge to social responsibility begins with our employees and extends to the entire Puerto Rican community.

In times of crisis, like the destructive force of Hurricane María, as well as during events like hurricane Fiona, earthquakes, and other natural disasters, our dedicated team swiftly mobilized to distribute food and essential items to the most affected families, exemplifying our unshakable support. Naturally, we don’t wait for disasters to occur. Instead, we proactively donate food to support and nourish those in need.
For over a decade, we have consistently volunteered and provided support to over 25 non-profit organizations dedicated to serving and aiding socially and economically disadvantaged populations, helping them overcome challenges and improve their well-being. Food Bank of PR (Feeding America certified), Comedor de la Kennedy, Hospital del Niño, Susan G. Komen, and Fundación BPPR are just a few examples of the institutions we actively collaborate with.
While encouraging our staff to engage in activities that can improve their health and well-being, we empower them by covering their participation costs in humanitarian events such as marathons, bike rides and other charity events.
Alongside our philanthropic efforts, we prioritize education and the environment through the Fundación Plaza Provision and Fundación James & Barbara Cimino. These foundations grant scholarships to universities such as Carlos Albizu and Sagrado Corazón, aiming to promote both educational opportunities and Puerto Rico’s economic growth. They also sponsor environmental groups such as Para La Naturaleza which has been active for over 40 years working to preserve our island’s natural lands and resources.
Additionally, these initiatives reflect our commitment to creating a sustainable future for our community and the preservation of our natural surroundings, such as the installation of solar panels at our main office building and warehouse, which reflect our pledge to reduce our carbon footprint, while implementing diverse recycling and waste reduction programs. All these endeavors give our motto, Casa de Líderes, a profound significance. Our pride goes beyond business success; it is rooted in our dedication to the betterment of the Puerto Rican society.