Sales & Merchandising

Field Sales

In Puerto Rico, our 275+ sales reps ensure extensive Island coverage, leveraging advanced automated sales systems of efficient order processing and product auditing. Just imagine a sales army working hard and efficiently on your behalf. What’s more, our software guarantees accurate and swift handling of orders, claims, and recalls. 

Headquarter Sales

Plaza Provision Company excels in impactful business plans through retailer/category-aligned teams. Our Key Account Representatives implement tailored plans, prioritizing customer satisfaction while maximizing revenue and ROI. Plaza Provision serves major chain headquarters in Puerto Rico, as well as National Accounts, across all retail sectors, consistently earning recognition as the top distributor in Performance Monitor Study, acknowledged by the local trade. 


Plaza Provision works hand in hand with retailers, ensuring a strong collaboration through the implementation of both tried-and-true and innovative merchandising strategies.
We have diligently built a highly regarded team, consistently ranked among the Island’s best.
With a strong commitment to maintaining maximum visibility and product rotation, we maintain a powerful in-store presence and make frequent visits to retail stores as needed.
Our dedicated merchandising teams, organized by retailer and category, offer focused attention at the store level. They skillfully optimize inventory levels, create attractive sales displays, ensure proper product rotation and placement, and take charge of pricing and label positioning. Moreover, our teams lead the way in coordinating all major in-store promotional events.

Business Development

In addition to providing distribution services, we promote the growth of new and small businesses, extending the same level of dedication offered to larger, multinational corporations. In fact, we immerse ourselves in your business. Our brand and marketing managers actively promote initiatives, trade and consumer activities aimed at promoting sales and revenue for retailers and brands. We strongly believe in the concept of the three-legged stool, ensuring that each element – supplier, distributor, and consumer – remains sturdy and well-cared for. Just as the legs of a stool are most stable and dependable when they are of equal length, these three elements are of equal importance for sustained success and stability in business. This approach fosters strategic partnerships and enables informed business decisions.

We champion a vibrant business ecosystem that benefits society as a whole.



Our top priority for our brands is fill-rate. We prioritize optimal inventory levels and foster close relationships with principals and logistics partners. Our procurement maintains constant communication with our warehouse, sales, and marketing teams.


Our commitment to on-time delivery is consistent, ensuring that orders are delivered within a prompt 24 to 48-hour period, no matter the size of the retailer.


Plaza Provision boasts an impressive warehousing infrastructure encompassing over 250,000 square feet of space. We possess four strategically located warehouses to cater to various needs. Firstly, we have a vast dry warehouse situated in Guaynabo, which provides ample storage for a wide range of products. Additionally, we have warehouses in Cataño, Toa Baja and Caguas. Caguas has been specifically designed to handle refrigerated and frozen foods. With a combined total of over 60 doors and 32 forklifts across these facilities, we ensure efficient rotation of goods and on-time delivery. These extensive warehousing capabilities are crucial in establishing us as a leading distributor of renowned brands. Moreover, our expertise in attending to multiple channels and embracing innovative practices sets us apart. It solidifies our Captainship status among all distributors and ensures the best coverage for our valued customers.

Cross Docking

We offer customized order pick-up and cross-docking services, tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers.


Our distribution channels are diverse, catering to businesses of all sizes, from grand enterprises such as international and local chains and businesses, to small, vibrant ventures.

Our distribution channels are diverse, catering to businesses of all sizes, from grand enterprises such as international and local chains and businesses, to small, vibrant ventures.

Dry Warehouse & Hardware / Garden
Guaynabo, PR

Caguas, PR

Mars / Indulac
Toa Baja, PR