United in Purpose and Dedication

We take pride in the fact that our employees are committed to our corporate Purpose.  Each one of them is devoted to supporting and enhancing the brands of Casa de Líderes, while elevating our Champion Distributor reputation even further through hard work and dedication.
Taking good care of our people is no casual remark at Plaza Provision Company. We take it very seriously, for it is more than just providing a safe workspace for everyone, it is part of our mission. While ensuring the wellbeing of our employees, this tried-and-true philosophy inspires teamwork and productivity.


We surround ourselves with leaders who strengthen our position as the Champion Distributor in Puerto Rico, leading virtually all categories throughout the island. A distinction given to us by our retail partners in Puerto Rico.



There are possibly hundreds of quotes related to this topic. But, at Plaza Provision Company, we go beyond selecting a thought and framing it on a wall. We implement systems, methods and rules that help work and life converge efficiently, thus maintaining this delicate balance. These systems are complemented with lectures, seminars and reports.

Here are some examples:

Attention Managing Skills Training
Limit of daily
conference calls
Incentivize employees to take paid vacation time

Encourage Flexibility


Join our team and be part of our company’s success story with your vision and desire! Get to know the available positions.


Billing and Marketing Support

Data Entry Clerk

Brand Manager

Accounting Support