Plaza Provision Company implements highly effective business plans through its Retailer / Category aligned headquarter teams. The Key Account Representatives develop and execute customized business plans for each Brand, making sure to meet the customer’s needs, and securing maximum revenues and ROI for the Principals. PPC services all major chain headquarters in Puerto Rico within the retail, club, wholesale, drug and hardware channels. Our expertise and strong customer relations have been recognized by the local trade who has ranked PPC as the #1 distributor in the Performance Monitor Study several times.


In Puerto Rico, a significant portion of the sales are generated at store level. With our 250+ sales reps in the field, we offer our Principal’s the best island coverage. Our teams are equipped with an advanced automated sales systems for quick order transmission, as well as for auditing products or categories on demand. Our software is designed to process orders, claims and recalls with great accuracy and speed.


Local retailers rely heavily on supplier’s personnel to re-stock shelves. PPC views this as an advantage for our brands and has worked hard for years building a team, consistently ranked among the best on the island.

Having in-store presence once, twice; and in many cases, three times per week in high volume retail stores, gives us the opportunity to secure maximum visibility at all times for the products we represent.

The merchandising teams are aligned by Retailer and Category, providing greater focus at store level. They ensure that in stocks are at optimum levels, build sales displays, secure product rotation and new product placement, and procure proper pricing and label placement. The teams are also responsible for implementing all major in-store promotional events.