Plaza Provision Company was born in 1907 in Old San Juan from a chocolate and candle manufacturing shop called “La Mulita”. It was purchased and incorporated by two businessmen from the mainland as a Mom & Pop operation. In 1912, they started distributing the Del Monte brand to other food retailers on the island and so the distribution operation was born.

In the late 1950’s, Jim Cimino joined the company and soon after purchased it. Jim Teale joined the management team and under their joint direction, Plaza Provision Company focused on acquiring major consumer goods brands for distribution in the island. They were able to prove this was a successful business model for the company, later deciding to close down the retail operation.

Throughout the remainder of the 20th century and into the 21st, Plaza Provision Company has continued to prove its success as a “best in class” service provider for major multinational consumer goods manufacturers as well as the local trade. Under the presidencies of Jim Teale, Jim Finn, Robert Cimino and Angel Torres, the company has propelled even further to become the leading product supplier for all major food, mass merchandising, drug and hardware retailers in Puerto Rico. All of this has been achieved while preserving strong corporate values, respect for all people: customers, principals, employees and community, and the utmost business integrity.